The Pudding River Watershed is incredibly especially extremely important to all of us.

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Our Work


Did You Know?

The DEQ offers free groundwater testing in parts of the Pudding Watershed! Click here to see if you qualify

Our Values

  • Education – Our goal is to provide information about the watershed characteristics, conservation opportunities and community events with in the Pudding River Watershed.
  • Inspiration – Why is a health watershed important to you as an individual or to your group? Why is conservation called the Good Work? And, what are the benefits? Everyone is connected to a watershed. What is your connection to the Pudding?
  • Action – Get involved. Who are the leaders within the watershed and what programs, projects and opportunities for engagement are already available?

The Pudding River Watershed Council (PRWC) exists to serve public and private sector land owners as well as the entire community. Help has been available for complying with clean water act, endangered species, and other laws and codes for over 16 years. PRWC is not a government agency, but the board is volunteer group dedicated to the good of the watershed. We offer small grants of under $10,000 for land owners along our creeks that have environmental issues.

Historically significant for Native American society and the State of Oregon with uniquely urban and rural qualities, this is the place we call home. Please join us today as a board member or with a donation. Thank You!


Our Mission Statement:

"The PRWC mission is to provide voluntary collaborative opportunities for local private citizens and interested stakeholder groups to cooperate in protecting, restoring, improving and sustaining the health of the watershed. The council encourages community engagement in planning and implementing restoration activities."


Council Board Meetings

PRWC monthly meetings are held at 6:00 pm at the Public Works building in Woodburn, Oregon on the second Wednesday of each month. Schedules may change due to holidays. 

These meetings are open to the public. Your supports and opinions are valuable to us.

For more information please be welcome to contact the following members:

Anna Rankin, Coordinator cleanpuddingriver@gmail.com or (503) 982-5387



Join Our Cause

If you’re interested in helping us with a project please contact us and/or attend one of our Board Meetings. Please email or call (503) 982-5387 Anna Rankin for more information. Also, feel free to contact any of our current board members.