2022 Project Highlights

2022 was Pudding River Watershed Council’s most successful year of project implementation in our history. For the first time we had two full time staff working on restoration projects, and that added capacity allowed us to follow through on the long-planned Abiqua Large Wood project as well as take on new work like 2020 fire recovery replanting.

Abiqua Large Wood Project, April – Dec 2022

After months of planning construction started in September as experienced contractors installed large wood logjams near the headwaters of Abiqua Creek. Logjams provide habitat for salmon by creating gravel beds for spawning and by providing cold water refugia.

In the News: Read the Our Town Article on Abiqua Large Wood Project – See Pages 8-9

2020 Fire Recovery Work, Sept 2022 – Ongoing

The 2020 wildfires devastated many forests in our area. We partnered with the Clackamas River Basin Council to apply for a grant to help three landowners with replating near sensitive creek and riparian areas. After months of planting and sourcing trees and shrubs, Planting started in Feb 2023 and we’re hoping to get an additional grant to cover three years of maintenance.

2023 Preview

We’re entering 2023 with strong momentum and have a large list of projects on the docket.
  • Fire Recovery Work: Planting and maintenance for fire recovery work will happen in the first six months of 2023, and we’re also applying for additional maintenance funds to care for the trees and shrubs for the first three years
  • Monitoring: We just got funding for a rapid bio assessment that will evaluate the habitat quality and fish populations in all of our local streams and creeks. That will be a major part of our 2023 work, look out for announcement and public awareness campaigns around that work.
  • Fish Passage Barrier Removal: We’re still working to implement our awarded grant to remove the Scotts Mills Dam, and submitted a grant application to work out a solution for removing Aamodt Dam on Rock Creek. 
All that and much more in on deck for 2023! Stay tuned for updates

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