Scotts Mills Dam Removal Resources

We’re always getting questions about the Scotts Mills Dam Removal Project, so Co-Exec. Director Kurt Berning put together this information for interested parties to learn more about the project. It’s an exhaustive resource that should answer every question you have about dam removal, and why that’s the best option for the Scotts Mills community




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Scotts Mills Dam Removal Project Updates

January 2024

Removal Status 

Scotts Mills Dam removal is on hold awaiting Marion Board of Commissioners approval. The project
has been stalled for four years now because of political opposition. Of the three commissioners, one
strongly supports the project, and the other two are unsure or against removal. In summer 2023
Pudding River WC received a grant to restart community engagement around the project, and have
put together outreach materials and videos to better inform the community.

Pudding River WC needs more Scotts Mills community members and Marion County constituents to
engage in the project, and work with us to convince the two remaining Board of Commissioner
members to support removal.

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