Scotts Mills Dam Removal Resources

We’re always getting questions about the Scotts Mills Dam Removal Project, so Co-Exec. Director Kurt Berning put together this information for interested parties to learn more about the project. It’s an exhaustive resource that should answer every question you have about dam removal, and why that’s the best option for the Scotts Mills community




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Check out our 3 part video series on Scotts Mills Dam Removal 

Scotts Mills Dam Removal Project Updates

September 2023

Scotts Mills Dam Outreach Campaign 

Last month we released three videos and a long series of articles and resources to the public so that interested members of the local community and Marion County could learn more about the proposed dam removal. Pudding River WC staff also tabled at the Scotts Mills Grange Harvest Festival to get feedback on the project and answer questions. This month our focus is engaging more community members, including opponents of the project, the Scotts Mills Historical Society, and others in meetings about the dam removal project. Additionally, we’re working to facilitate a meeting between the Marion BoC and City of Scotts Mills to discuss the project.

Removal Status 

Scotts Mills Dam removal is on hold awaiting Marion Board of Commissioners approval. Of the three commissioners, one strongly supports the project, and the other two are yet to support removal. Once approval is granted we will move forward to final design, permitting and construction. The project has been stalled since early 2020, but in summer 2023 Pudding River WC received a grant to restart community engagement around the project. If the engagement process goes well and the Marion BoC approves the project, removal could happen as early as 2024, but is more likely in 2025.

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