Why Volunteer?

With the complex environmental issues that impact our watersheds, we need collaborative ecological restoration.

We need “all hands on deck” to help preserve Oregon’s precious freshwater resources and fisheries for many generations to come. There are many fun ways to get involved with the PRWC!

We are always looking for families, individuals, school groups, businesses, etc. to come help out with projects!

Board Meetings

Join us for an upcoming Board Meeting!

We hold meetings on the 2nd Thursday of every other month. Meetings are held in person at a municipal conference room and guests and community members are welcome. We also have a hybrid option for each meeting.

For 2024, the board meeting schedule is:

  • February 8th, 6pm
  • April 11th, 6pm
  • June 13th, 6pm
  • August 8th, 6pm
  • October 10th, 6pm
  • December 12th, 6pm

Email kurt@puddingriverwatershed.org for meeting location information or request a virtual link to join the next board meeting.

Board Service

Joining the Board


  • The minimum board member commitment is two hours every other month, though additional events and meetings are encouraged. 
  • All board members are asked to donate at least annually to the watershed council.  
  • The Governing Board’s goal is to have no less than 9 and no more than 13 members. 

How it Works

  • Applicants must submit a resume, application letter, and two references to one of the Co-Executive Directors and the Board Chair. See the contact us page for updated contact information. 
  • Letters should contain contact information, skills and experience relevant to board service, and reasons for interest in serving on the PRWC Governing Board.

Why Serve on the Board?

Pudding River Watershed Council board members serve as the organization’s leadership. Members attend bimonthly meetings and represent a diverse range of geographic areas and interest groups. They collaborate with community members to brainstorm and implement new watershed stewardship projects.

We invite you to serve on the Pudding River WC board. With your input, we can better preserve the waterways themselves, as well as the fish, wildlife, and year-round recreation opportunities. This is a wonderful opportunity to help build the effectiveness of an important community forum for the protection of our shared natural resources.

Board Roles

Geographic Areas

The Board will have at least five (5) representatives of the major
geographic areas of the watershed. These areas do not have hard boundaries, but the Director needs to be able to understand  and communicate the current events and concerns of the broad constituency that resides in that part of the watershed.

1. Lower Pudding
2. Middle Pudding
3. Headwaters Pudding
4. Tributaries – North
5. Tributaries – East

Interest Groups

The Board will have at least four (4) main interest groups that will be represented by candidates with significant experience in the area. The areas of Agriculture, Forestry, Wildlife and Science are the portion of the PRWC BoD that need to communicate a perspective on the use of water from their expertise.


A. Agriculture
B. Forestry
C. Wildlife
D. Science


Finding the Right Fit

Pudding River WC is committed to finding board members that are passionate about its mission and want to serve the local environoment and community. Board applicants are reviewed to ensure that they are passionate about the work, have relevant experience or skills, will act ethically, and will treat other board members, staff, and community members with respect.