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Oregon Watershed Work

Priority Area

The PRWC is strategically engaged at the Willamette Sub-Basin level and throughout the entire Pudding River Watershed, that includes South Clackamas and North Marion Counties.

Currently PRWC is working on a bio-assessment of a number of tributaries of the Pudding River. Not only will we discover what is happening underwater, we will also be watching for areas that need improvement to encourage our underwater life to thrive.

In peril due to climate change, degraded water quality, harmfully low in-stream flows, and other limiting factors in the watershed, this ecologically significant stretch of intertwined critical habitat areas are a national treasure. Our mission statement and values are focused to provide an opportunity for a sustainable natural resource-based economy from Panther Rock to the Willamette River. Our work is the glue in the community's equation:

Regulatory Compliance + Watershed Jobs = Corridor Sustainability


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  • “Last Call At The Oasis” Dir. Jessica Yu. Docuramafilms, 2011. DVD

Future Projects

  • Scotts Mills Falls Dam Removal
  • Fir Point Farms Interpretive Farm Trail

Lower Pudding River Map

Currently, the PRWC is working on the “State of the Lower Pudding River Watershed” Report. In part, this collaborative work includes technical research with experts.

Because water is a vital resource from which all life depends, all are encouraged to attend and share their suggestions for potential restoration and conservation projects along the river, creeks, wetlands, and floodplains of the watershed as well as the vital headwater forest, lake and bogs. Now is the time to start-up or become a part of PRWC and save, protect and restore the Pudding River and its tributaries.

Pudding River Watershed Assessment

In 2006 the PRWC completed a general Watershed Assessment. This will be updated in 2014.

Watershed Assessment 2006

Local & Regional Partnerships

Within the sub-basin of the Willamette Falls Watershed and Estuary, the PRWC provides ecologically significant natural areas as well as water,food, fiber, recreation and much more for big city folks, local tourists, and wildlife.

Willamette Falls Watershed

Butte Creek Map

PRWC has contracted with Bio-Surveys, LLC, this summer to collect fish abundance and distribution information on 92 miles of tributary habitats that flow into the Pudding River. The focus will be on Silver Cr, Abiqua Cr, Butte Cr, and Drift Cr. If you live in one of these areas, you may be contacted by Bio-Surveys or the Pudding River Watershed Council for access to the stream areas on your property.

The Rapid Bio Assessment provides detailed information on where and how many native juvenile fish are living during summer low flows. Surveyors will snorkel every fifth pool to count the number of salmonid species observed (coho, steelhead, and cutthroat). From this information, appropriate restoration plans can be developed to improve the continued survival in our awesome watershed.

Check our website often for more information about the Association’s efforts to serve as a regional technical advisory committee to accelerate the pace of research, educational outreach, and on-the-ground watershed enhancement projects.

Rock Creek & Trees

Butte Creek Falls Scotts Mills

Marion County with Butte Creek

Butte Creek Famous Line Between Clackamas & Marion County

Fish Ladder on Butte Creek

Butte Creek